Friday, 18 May 2012

Crochet: what's not to get?

Anyone who knows me, knows I love Nigella - though that love took a test the time I watching the one where she punches a hole in an apple and pops a tea-light candle into it. It wasn't the waste of a perfectly good Granny Smith that got me going; it the throwaway remark that followed. She said that this was about as crafty as she was ever likely to get, before a request to the effect of 'kill me if I ever start crocheting'. Well! After all the time I'd spent defending her talents to non-believers, you can imagine my surprise etc etc. I may have hit the pause button as a time out and had some harsh words with her that night.

I can understand how some people might not get Nigella. But crochet? What's not to get about crochet?

Yes, I know I've already owned up to the fact that I wasn't always mad about it myself, but let me put my former indifference into context:
1) I was a child
2) I was also a tom-boy, and
3) Everyone seemed to only use threads that sat somewhere in the colour spectrum between white and beige.

My recent relapse into to world of crochet happened via a very good friend of mine, Fran at wishthimble. I had always known Fran to be a crafter, and even though I have always owned a sewing machine (having one within reach makes me feel safe in a strange way), I've never really used it for more than repairing jeans and making costumes to wear to parties. I always admired Fran for her interest in crafting in all its forms, and envied her awesome crafting room at the bottom of her lovely courtyard.

Then one day, Fran introduced me to Attic24. The rest is history.

I've got a couple of ideas on the boil at the moment, which will lead up to me opening an Etsy store. Here are some projects I've made to date:

 A granny-square blanket for my niece:

A name wall hanging for the same niece:

A rainbow ripple baby blanket for a friend (also used as a background for this blog):

I'm sure you can understand now why I'm loving crochet again. It's the ultimate in lo-fi instant gratification, and it makes me happy. 

What makes you happy?


  1. Nigella might think she doesn't like craft, but surely cooking is a type of crafting. She don't know what craft is and ain't.

  2. Reading this blog has instantly made me happy. Thanks for sharing Shalini. ;-)